How to withdraw?

L-Tokens holders can at any time request the withdrawal of deposited stablecoins in a 1:1 ratio.

The Ledgity Yield app provides a straightforward interface to do so in a few clicks.

1) Open withdrawal pop-up

The first step is to open the withdrawal pop-up of the L-Token pool. This is achieved by clicking the L-Token pool's "Withdraw" button:

2) Process to withdrawal (instant)

Once the withdrawal pop-up is opened, you are asked to enter the amount of underlying stablecoin you want to withdraw.

By clicking the button next to the input field, you'll be prompted to sign the withdrawal transaction in Metamask.

Once the transaction settles, withdrawn stablecoins have been delivered to your wallet.

2.bis) Queued withdrawal request

In case the L-Token contract currently doesn't hold enough of the underlying stablecoin to cover your withdrawal, you'll be prompted to "request" the withdrawal.

Your withdrawal request will be put in an on-chain queue and automatically processed in 3-5 working days.

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