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Ledgity Crypto Wealth App

Cryptos emerged as a new investment asset class and the blockchain technology will transform our financial infrastructures in the next 5 years.

Ledgity is the first crypto wealth platform that meets the needs of both investors and financial advisors. Ledgity wealth app enables its customers to get a holistic view of their traditional assets and to invest in crypto anytime anywhere.

Ledgity Pro provides to financial advisors with the means to simply help their clients to invest in crypto assets. Thanks to its comprehensive and intuitive tool, our financial partners bring added value to their clients and simplify their work.

  • Fiat on-off Ramp

  • Invest in cryptos with ease

  • Access to crypto yield strategies

  • Secure crypto custody solution

  • Best execution management

  • Synchronize all your wealth in a single mobile application (bank accounts , Equity accounts, Life insurance, Private Equity, Real Estate, Cryptos...)

  • Individual IBAN and Debit Card (in 2024)

Ledgity Crypto Wealth App is available in France for the moment. It will be launched in Europe in 2024.

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