Early investors

Ledgity's needs evolved and with the launch of the Ledgity Yield protocol, we needed to upgrade the $LTY token's contract and tokenomics.

Welcome to the $LDY token, a community-centric utility token for the Ledgity ecosystem.

Here are some of the major improvements brought by that new version:

  • Simplified codebase and so reduced attack surface

  • DAO-ready

  • No more transfer fees

  • Non-owned and non-pausable

  • Easy to bridge cross-chains

This new version creates a fairer and safer environment to build a DeFi community and will allow Ledgity to accelerate the development of its RWA-backed protocol.


$LTY holders will be able to claim $LDY in a 70:1 ratio, which represents a premium of 50% compared to current LTY price.

Claiming will be possible by early 2024. Get notified by joining our Discord and/or following us on Twitter.


The new $LDY token will be launched on Arbitrum initially and tends to be available on every chain the Ledgity Yield protocol is deployed on.

It will also be bridged to Cardano as soon as possible after TGE for our Cardano community.

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