Protocol Overview

Ledgity Yield is a stablecoin yield protocol backed by real world assets (RWA). It provides a stable and institutional grade treasury management solution for stablecoins holders, and bridges the gap between DeFi and TradFi by offering real yield based on real assets.

Under the hood, we have set up a robust & resilient infrastructure to support Ledgity's long-term vision:

  • Bank-grade custody setup with segregated accounts

  • Compliance with financial regulators

  • Stable yields backed by real world assets collateral

  • Decentralized components combined with centralized fund management

Ledgity Yield positions itself as a leading wealth management platform for the web3 era, upholding values of transparency, accessibility, and compliance.

Core features 💫

  • Long term stability: Benefit from stability of an institutional set-up and a protocol backed by Real World Assets (RWA).

  • High efficiency: Our team of experts provide financial engineering to achieve the best risk-adjusted return from RWA.

  • Diversification: The collateralized portfolio of RWA is allocated across hundreds of yield opportunities.

  • Multi-chains: The protocol aims to be available on most EVM chains to bring stable yield to every stablecoin holders.

  • No liquidation: Our protocol does not implement any liquidation mechanism and fees at borrowing time.

  • Analytics: The app provides you with detailed charts and statistics about your investment and the protocol itself.

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