Pierre-Yves DITTLOT | CEO

Specialized in the Wealth Management and Private Banking industry, Pierre-Yves Dittlot has held several positions over the past 13 years as investment fund manager and CIO for several asset management companies, private banks and family offices. Passionate about finance and technology, he founded Ledgity to address inefficiencies observed in the wealth management industry with the goal of providing better service and democratizing crypto as an investment asset class. With Ledgity, his mission is to help modernize the world of wealth management and private banking. His areas of expertise: private banking, financial markets, derivatives, wealth management, blockchain, digital banking & payment system, leadership, team management.


Gregoire JOUANEAU | BD & Associate

Gregoire is an experienced entrepreneur and business development. He started his career by successfully founding and selling a startup company.

He has over several years of experience driving growth for innovative companies at the intersection of finance and technology.

Leveraging his entrepreneurial mindset, strategic expertise, and industry network, he is committed to cementing Ledgity's position as an innovative leader in the digital asset space.


Lila REST | CPO & DeFi Lead

With over 6 years of experience in building, advising and accompanying company products, he has amassed extensive knowledge in Web2/3, UX/UI, System design, AI, Research, Marketing, and BD areas.

Passionate about efficiently driving cutting-edge products to success, he joined Ledgity as a CPO to research and develop the "Ledgity Yield" protocol.

Beyond his keen intuition, Lila has robust technical skills and contributed to development of protocol's smart contracts as well as the frontend.



More than 6 years of experience in the development of all types, ranging from the development of applications to the start-up of a functional server farm.

Graduated from a Master 2 "Computer Expert" through the EPITECH school.

He continues to learn and evolve in the following domains: mobile applications (flutter, react-native, swift), APIs (nestjs, springboot, vertx, ...), (big) data management (postgres, elastic search, nosql, ...), and more.


Ledgitman | CM

Ledgitman is a crypto enthusiast who has been in the space for several years now. He has contributed to build and manage several major crypto communities, including the Velodrome ones.

At Ledgity Yield, he manages the architecture and security of the Discord server, and helps other teams of the company whenever he can for marketing and business development.

Leo ACQUEBERGE | UI designer

Passionate about graphic design for many years, he taught himself how to use various design softwares. He had the opportunity to work on different projects, such as web3 NFTs projects. On the other hand, he is also a parkour athlete for more than 10 years.


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