Ledgity Yield protocol provides $LDY holders with a bunch of juicy advantages.

Share of protocol growth

By staking your $LDY tokens, you'll indirectly receive a share of protocol growth and activities in the form of staking rewards.

Unlock L-Boosts

L-Boosts is a type of incentive vault on top of L-Tokens allowing to boost yield offered on stablecoins. By staking your $LDY, you unlock access to L-Boosts.

Unlock Leverage Vault

In future versions, the protocol will allow L-Tokens holders to perform loop back and forth lending protocols, allowing to increase the generated yield. By staking your $LDY, you unlock access to Leverage Vault.

0% Withdrawal fees

To cover the management of withdrawal requests, Ledgity Yield charges a 0.3% fee on all withdrawal requests. By staking enough $LDY, you are exempt from those fees.

Queue priority

Withdrawal requests are by default appended at the end of the withdrawal queue. By staking enough $LDY, your withdrawal requests will go ahead of every others in the withdrawal queue.

RWA Portfolio

Get access to the RWA Portfolio in detailed, line by line.

Institutional Asset Managers' Staking Requirement

Institutional Asset Managers must have to stake $LDY in order to be eligible to get mandate to manage the portfolio of RWAs.

DAO voting power

The $LDY token will also be used to represent voting power in the future protocol's DAO.

Access to holders-gated events

By holding enough $LDY tokens, you'll get access to private Ledgity Yield events restricted to $LDY holders.

This notably includes a free entry for the yearly private holders event in Paris.

Early access to opportunities

By holding enough $LDY tokens, you'll be alerted 1 week before everyone else about the upcoming Ledgity opportunities.

Private chat

By holding enough $LDY tokens, you'll have the possibility to get a private and prioritary chat channel with Ledgity's core contributors.

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