How to get stable yield?

1) Deposit stablecoins

The Ledgity Yield app allows wallets to deposit their stablecoins into L-Tokens contracts.

2) Receive L-Tokens

After deposit, the wallet receives L-Tokens in a 1:1 ratio with the amount of deposited stablecoins.

L-Tokens are a wrapped versions of the deposited stablecoins (e.g., LUSDC for USDC).

They act as a proof-of-deposit and can be used at any time to withdraw the deposited stablecoins.

3) Enjoy stable yield 🎉

As soon as a wallet holds some L-Tokens, it starts generating yield.

There is no need to stake, lock or claim anything, your L-Tokens balances will automatically grow through time to reflect your rewards.

Stablecoins are converted into FIAT currencies and invested into RWA, allowing the protocol to provide high and stable yield to stablecoins holders. Read more about our Financial Setup.

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