Vision & Roadmap

We believe that stablecoins are one of the catalysts that will enable the masses to access web3 by providing retail and institutional investors with the guarantees they are looking for. On the other hand, we believe Real World Assets to be a great solution to provide stablecoin holders with a stable yield.

Our ambition is to take the best of both worlds to offer a stable, high-performance solution for stablecoin holders with a simple and friendly user interface.

Using RWA allows us to offer a stable and scalable yield solution for the crypto industry. Thanks to more than a decade of experience in TradFi, we are applying the same standards as the asset management industry in order to build a leading solution for stablecoins holders.


Q2 2023

  • Release of Ledgity Yield v1 smart contracts

  • Unified cross-chain frontend

  • 🚀 Launch on Arbitrum Goerli (Testnet)

  • 🚀 Launch on Linea Goerli (Testnet)

  • AML enforcement (Geo-restriction, KYT, wallet monitoring)

Q3 2023

  • 🚀 Launch on Arbitrum One (Mainnet Beta)

  • 🚀 Launch on Linea (Mainnet Beta)

  • Start marketing campaigns with KOLs

  • Develop ecosystem partnerships

Q4 2023

  • 💰Multi-Airdrop campaign

  • 💰Pre-Mining campaign

  • First $LUSDC liquidity pool on SyncSwap

  • Chainlink BUILD program integration

Q1 2024

Q2 2024

  • 💰 $LDY Public Sale

  • 🚀Listing of our $LDY token

  • 💰$LDY Staking

  • 🚀 Airdrop season 1 Snapshot

  • 💰 Chainlink Cross Chain Interoperability Protocol (LDY Bridge)

Q3 2024

  • 🚀 New chain deployments (TBA)

  • Improved UI/UX

  • 💰Reward programs for community contributors

  • 💰 R&D on Leverage vault (in partnership with lending protocols)

  • On-chain Proof of Reserve (PoR) with Chainlink

  • Wrapped L-Tokens

  • 🚀 R&D on RWA yields as BRC-20 on Bitcoin

Q4 2024

  • 🚀 Launch of protocol v2

    • Explore cross-chain interoperability

    • Explore L-Tokens unification

    • Explore easier community integrations

  • 🚀 Launch on Hedera (Mainnet)

  • 🚀 Launch on Avalanche (Mainnet)

  • 💰 LEUROC deployment (stable yield for EUROC)

  • Grow an ecosystem of applications around the protocol

  • Expand Ledgity team and community

  • DAO

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